Paediatric Intensive Care Unit(PICU) Nutrition

Children who are admitted to a Paediatric Intensive Care unit (PICU) are often very unwell and for lots of different reasons unable to drink and eat as usual. In PICU many children need liquid feed given through a small tube via the nose into the stomach.  Parents know that food is important to help children grow and develop, and we know being unable to feed their child causes them to worry.

About us

We want to know what questions you feel are important for research to answer. Questions can be related to any aspect of children’s feeding and drinking during and after an admission to PICU. The questions you submit on the survey, will help future research to focus on the most important issues raised by parents, caregivers, children and health care professionals to improve care and outcomes for children and parents.

The purpose of this protocol is to clearly set out the aims, objectives and commitments for the Paediatric Intensive Care Nutrition Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) in line with James Lind Alliance (JLA) principles.  The Protocol is a JLA requirement and will be published on the PSP’s page of the JLA website.  

Common Questions:

Who is involved in this Priority Setting Partnership (PSP)?

We want to hear from you if you are (or used to be):

  • A young person who was hospitalised on a PICU
  • A parent or caregiver to a child who was hospitalised on a PICU
  • A healthcare professional that takes care of children on a PICU
Who is the Steering Group?

The Steering Group includes membership of patients and carers and clinicians, as individuals or representatives from a relevant group.

Funder: British Dietetic Association

Chief Investigator: Dr Graeme O’Connor, Research Lead for Dietetics Great Ormond Street Hospital

Suzannah Kinsella, James Lind Alliance Adviser and Chair of the Steering Group

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